Pickling Services is the removal of any high temperature scale and any adjacent low chromium layer of metal from the surface of stainless steel by chemical means.

Where the steel has been heated by welding, heat treatments or other means, to the point where a coloured oxide layer can be seen, there is a chromium depleted layer on the surface of the steel underneath the oxide layer. The lower chromium content gives lower corrosion resistance. To restore the best corrosion resistant performance, the damaged metal layer must be removed, exposing a fully alloyed stainless steel surface. Mechanical removal may leave abrasive or other particles embedded (interfering with corrosion performance) or may be impractical, so chemical means are usually employed.

Procedures incorporating pickling solutions of nitric (HNO3) and hydrofluoric (HF) acids remove the scale and the underlying chromium depleted layer and restore the corrosion resistance. Pickling solutions also remove contaminants such as ferrous and ferric oxide particles. Pickling solutions other than mixtures of nitric and hydrofluoric acids exist and can be used for specialised applications.

Pickling pastes, where the solution is mixed with an inert carrier, are commonly used to treat selected areas such as welds. Pickling involves metal removal and a change or dulling in the visual brightness of the metal.

“Prior to pickling, it is necessary to clean the surface to remove foreign substances such as grease, oil, adhesives, heavy rust, etc. Cleaning of the surface can be accomplished by any number of methods including alkaline cleaners, solvent cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, and other mechanical or manual methods.”

We Provides Pickling Services Are :

  • Pickling of stainless steel
  • Pickling of carbon steel
  • Pickling of metal steel
  • Pickling of stainless steel pipes
  • Pickling of stainless steel tanks
  • Pickling of stainless steel welds joint
  • Pickling of stainless steel vessels